The magnificent vessel «Sea Scorpion» is new and unique vessel of style and comfort in the Red sea. Essentially new approach of the organization of salons: their two; separately restaurant, 2 sun decks, 2 Jacuzzis.

On the vessel you will find service of the highest level and everything that is necessary for a successful diving safari — a fascinating adventure under water memoirs about which remains with you for a long time.

Going on a diving safari across Red sea onboard «Sea Scorpion” you make unforgettable voyage in luxury, a cosines and comfort.

Our crew has prepared for you the most interesting routes of a diving safari on the all coast of Red sea. Simultaneously, we can offer you non-standard travel which can pleasantly surprise even those who goes on a diving safari to Egypt far not for the first time.

Welcome tо the board "Sea Scorpion", to hospitable and mystical Egypt!

We invite you to reserve a diving safari for 2016 and 2017 right now!